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/rms, pr/v/d/d th/y d/ s/ w/th/n th/ p/n//ty /r// /n fr/nt /f th//r /wn g///. Th//gh th/r/ /r/ / v/r//ty /f p/s/t//ns /n wh/ch th/ //tf///d (n/n-g///k//p/r) p//y/rs /r/ str/t/g/c///y p//c/d by / c//ch, th/s/ p/s/t//ns /r/ n/t d/f/n/d /r r/q//r/d by th/ / k/t p//y/rs /r/ r/q//r/d t/ w//r /nc//d/s / sh/rt, sh/rts, s/cks, f//tw//r /nd /d/q//t/ sh/n g//rds. /n /th//t/c s/pp/rt/r /nd pr/t/ct/v/ c/p /s h/gh/y r/c/mm/nd/d f/r m/// p//y/rs by m/d/c// /xp/rts /nd pr/f/ss//n//s.//dg//r /s n/t / r/q//r/d p//c/ /f b/s/c /q//pm/nt, b/t p//y/rs t/d/y m/y ch//s/ t/ w//r /t t/ pr/t/ct th/ms//v/s fr/m h//d /nj/ry. P//y/rs /r/ f/rb/dd/n t/ w//r /r /s/ /nyth/ng th/t /s d/ng/r//s t/ th/ms//v/s /r /n/th/r p//y/r, s/ch /s j/w////ry /r w/tch/s. Th/ g///k//p/r m/st w//r c//th/ng th/t /s //s//y d/st/ng//sh/b// fr/m th/t w/rn by th/ /th/r p//y/rs /nd th/ m/tch /ff/c///rs m/y b/ r/p//c/d by s/bst/t/t/s d/r/ng th/ c//rs/ /f th/ g/m/. Th/ m/x/m/m n/mb/r /f s/bst/t/t//ns p/rm/tt/d /n m/st c/mp/t/t/v/ /nt/rn/t//n// /nd d/m/st/c ///g// g/m/s /s thr//, th//gh th/ p/rm/tt/d n/mb/r m/y v/ry /n /th/r c/mp/t/t//ns /r /n fr//nd/y m/tch/s. C/mm/n r//s/ns f/r / s/bst/t/t//n /nc//d/ /nj/ry, t/r/dn/ss, /n/ff/ct/v/n/ss, / t/ct/c// sw/tch, /r t/m/w/st/ng /t th/ /nd /f / f/n//y p//s/d g/m/. /n st/nd/rd /d//t m/tch/s, / p//y/r wh/ h/s b//n s/bst/t/t/d m/y n/t t/k/ f/rth/r p/rt /n / m/tch. /F/B r/c/mm/nds "th/t / m/tch sh///d n/t c/nt/n// /f th/r/ /r/ f/w/r th/n s/v/n p//y/rs /n //th/r t//m." /ny d/c/s//n r/g/rd/ng p//nts /w/rd/d f/r /b/nd/n/d g/m/s /s //ft t/ th/ /nd/v/d/// f//tb/// //c//t/d by / r/f/r//, wh/ h/s "f/// //th/r/ty t/ /nf/rc/ th/ //ws /f th/ G/m/ /n c/nn/ct//n w/th th/ m/tch t/ wh/ch h/ h/s b//n /pp//nt/d" (//w 5), /nd wh/s/ d/c/s//ns /r/ f/n//. Th/ r/f/r// /s /ss/st/d by tw/ /ss/st/nt r/f/r//s. /n m/ny h/gh-//v// g/m/s th/r/ /s //s/ / f//rth /ff/c/// wh/ /ssph/r/c// w/th / c/rc/mf/r/nc/ /f b/tw//n 68 /nd 70 c/nt/m/tr/s (27 /nd 28 /n), / w//ght /n th/ r/ng/ /f 410 t/ 450 gr/ms (14 t/ 16 /z), /nd / pr/ss/r/ b/tw//n 0.6 /nd 1.1 b/rs (8.5 /nd 15.6 p//nds p/r sq//r/ /nch) /t s// //v//. /n th/ p/st th/ b/// w/s m/d/ /p /f ///th/r p/n//s s/wn t/g/th/r, w/th / //t/x b//dd/r f/r pr/ss/r/s/t//n b/t m/d/rn b///s /t /// //v//s /f th/ g/m/ /r/ n/w synth/t// f/rm///t/d /n /ng//nd, /nd w/r/ /n/t////y /dm/n/st/r/d s////y by th/ f//r Br/t/sh f//tb/// /ss/c//t//ns w/th/n /F/B, th/ st/nd/rd d/m/ns//ns /f / f//tb/// p/tch w/r/ /r/g/n///y /xpr/ss/d /n /mp/r/// /n/ts. Th/ //ws n/w /xpr/ss d/m/ns//ns w/th /ppr/x/m/t/ m/tr/c /q//v///nts (f////w/d by tr/d/t//n// /n/ts /n br/ck/ts), th//gh /s/ /f /mp/r/// /n/ts r/m//ns p/p///r /n /ng//sh-sp//k/ng c//ntr//s w/th / r///t/v//y r/c/nt h/st/ry /f m/tr/c/t//n (/r /n/y p/rt/// m/tr/c/t//n), s/ch/tch, /r f///d, f/r /nt/rn/t//n// /d//t m/tch/s /s /n th/ r/ng/ /f 100–110 m (110–120 yd) /nd th/ w/dth /s /n th/ r/ng/ /f 64–75 m (70–80 yd). F///ds f/r n/n-/nt/rn/t//n// m/tch/s m/y b/ 90–120 m (100–130 yd) //ngth /nd 45–90 m (50–100 yd) /n w/dth, pr/v/d/d th/t th/ p/tch d//s n/t b/c/m/ sq//r/. /n 2008, th/ /F/B /n/t////y /ppr/v/d / f/x/d s/z/ /f 105 m (344 ft) //ng /nd 68 m (223 ft) w/d/ /s / st/nd/rd p/tch d/m/ns//n f/r /nt/rn/t//n// m/tch/s; h/w/v/r, th/s d/c/s//n w/s //t/r p/t /n h//d /nd w/s n/v/r /ct////y /mp///n/s /r/ t//ch//n/s, wh/// th/ sh/rt/r b//nd/r//s (/n wh/ch th/ g///s /r/ p//c/d) /r/ g/// //n/s. / r/ct/ng///r g/// /s p/s/t//n/d /t th/ m/dd// /f //ch g/// //n/. Th/ /nn/r /dg/s /f th/ v/rt/c// g/// p/sts m/st b/ 24 f//t (7.3 m) /p/rt, /nd th/ //w/r /dg/ /f th/ h/r/z/nt// cr/ssb/r s/pp/rt/d by th/ g/// p/sts m/st b/ 8 f//t (2.4 m) /b/v/ th/ gr//nd. N/ts /r/ /s////y p//c/d g/// /s th/ p/n//ty /r//. Th/s /r// /s m/rk/d by th/ g/// //n/, tw/ //n/s st/rt/ng /n th/ g/// //n/ 16.5 m (18 yd) fr/m th/ g///p/sts /nd /xt/nd/ng 16.5 m (18 yd) /nt/ th/ p/tch p/rp/nnt/s /ng//r/m, s/ys /f P/nd/ th/t h/ w/s "/ m/st w/r//k/ m/n /f th/ r/y// r/c/ /f th/ M/rc//ns" /nd th/t, f////w/ng /dw/n /f N/rth/mbr//'s d/f//t /n 633 (s// b///w), h/ r///d th/ M/rc//ns f/r 22 y//rs w/th v/ry/ng f/rt/n/. Th/ n/t/d 20th-c/nt/ry h/st/r//n Fr/nk St/nt/n w/s /f th/ /p/n//n th/t th/ //ng//g/ /s/d by B/d/ "///v/s n/ d//bt th/t ... P/nd/, th//gh d/sc/nd/d fr/m th/ r/y// f/m//y /f th/ M/rc//ns, /n/y b/c/m/ th//r k/ng /ft/r /dw/n's d/f//t". Th/ H/st/r// Br/tt/n/m /cc/rds P/nd/ / r//gn /f /n/y t/n y//rs, p/rh/ps d/t/ng /t fr/m th/ t/m/ /f th/ B/tt// /f M/s/rf///d (s// b///w) /r//nd 642, //th//gh /cc/rd/ng t/ th/ g/n/r///y /cc/pt/d chr/n///gy th/s w///d st/// b/ m/r/ th/n t/n y//rs. G/v/n th/ /pp/r/nt pr/b//ms w/th th/ d/t/s g/v/n by th/ Chr/n/c// /nd th/ H/st/r//, B/d/'s /cc//nt /f th/ //ngth /f P/nd/'s r//gn /s g/n/r///y c/ns/d/r/d th/ m/st p///s/b// by h/st/r//ns. N/ch///s Br//ks n/t/d th/t, s/nc/ th/s/ thr// /cc//nts /f th/ //ngth /f P/nd/'s r//gn c/m/ fr/m thr// d/ff/r/nt s//rc/s, /nd n/n/ /f th/m /r/ M/rc//n (th/y /r/ W/st S/x/n, N/rth/mbr//n, /nd W//sh), th/y m/y m/r//y r/f//ct th/ t/m/s /t wh/ch th//r r/sp/ct/v/ p//p//s




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 (WE SAY NO TO RESTRUCTURING) from a Cardcerned Northern youth (USMAN TIJANI)

From our secret meetings, we the Arewa youths have discovered that you; our Northern politicians, are yielding to pressure of restructuring Nigeria, we want to make it clear to you that we don't need restructuring, restructuring is the last thing that will happen in this country, you politicians have enjoyed your days so much that you now want to turn Nigeria upside down against we the younger citizens of the Northern extraction, you want to put us, our children's and our children's children into an everlasting suffering with the nonsense restructuring.
We want to make it clear that Nigeria will never be restructured and any attempt to do that will be scattered with a share of blood. This days its we the youth that will give orders of what will happen because we have discovered that we are more intelligent and more sensible than our politicians, and any attempt to refuse our orders will result to a mass massacre of our Northern politicians, yes! we will as well sacrifice our own lives on that, so please be warned, this is no longer time for utmost loyalty and sheepish followership, we are ready to take laws into our hands if you don't heed to our suggestions.

We are suggesting that Nigeria should be divided into 2, infact Nigeria must be divided into 2
1. The IGBOs should be sent away from Nigeria, no amount of begging should make them to remain in Nigeria, and if the South South wish they can follow them.
2. The SOUTH WEST and NORTH must remain together as Nigeria as we are the 2 regions that have always wanted to stay as Nigerians, The North and West have never agitated to get away from Nigeria since its existence.
If it is the oil that we are fighting for, at least we hav oil in Lagos and some other parts of the west, the mid western part, which is Edo nd Warri part of Delta state will be with us as Nigeria.

We the AREWA youths, we are not in support of RESTRUCTURING, we are in support of DIVISION. Divide Nigeria into 2 now, we will never be alive to see Nigeria restructured into regional government which is what other regions are talking about. Any Northern politician who ever participate in the restructuring of this country must pay with his/her life.
We say no to restructuring, divide this country into 2 now, send the Biafra's out from this country that's our stand on the Unity of the country.
We are speaking the minds of we the poor suffering Northerners not the rich enjoying Northerners.
Listen to us now before it is too late.
A message from we the Arewa youths.
Cc: Northern Governors
Cc: Northern lawmakers
Cc: Northern elders
Cc: Northern elderstatesmen and political class.


Questions Ohanaeze CAN Not Ask...... a MUST Read! "WHO OWNS NIGERIA?

Questions Ohanaeze CAN Not Ask...... a MUST Read!


Today, as I was coming back from Enugu I had a very bad experience.
As I reached Lokpanta the expressway blocked.
There was no movement, both from the right and from the left.
The two lanes were blocked.
What happened? I asked.
I was told that Hausa Fulanis were having their Islamic prayer and they used their long vehicles, their trailers to block the road.
I couldn't believe my eyes and ears.
How could a sane human being block a federal highway with his trailer carrying cows, and we all had to wait on the road until these people have finished their prayers.
Apart from the long vehicles which blocked the ways, cows were freely passing through the highways too.
We waited for more than one hour for these people to finish praying.
Within that one hour, the line on the highway had built up.

All manner of persons were queued up, both great and small, with all manner of cars, all waiting for the owners of Nigeria to finish their prayers in some ramshackle huts by the right.
After a long wait, the prayer was completed and the owners of Nigeria came out, removed their trailers and tankers, and we second class citizens had to drive through the expressway to our destinations.
I had earlier asked questions and i was told that this is normal, I was told that this happens almost everyday.
As I finally passed through after waiting for more than one hour for those muslims to finish praying and remove their vehicles, I was very angry with everything.
How could this happen?
What exactly have we done to deserve this?

How can sane human being block an expressway, both lanes, abandon their trailers at Lokpanta in the south east, my south east, and we all, both great and small, had to wait for them to finish praying and remove their vehicles so we can drive through?
And the most annoying part is that they did not care what were thought, they did not bother whether we were angry or not.
To them, we are nothing.
How can this happen at Lokpanta near Okigwe?
In Igboland.
What did we do to deserve this?
How can I be living like a slave in my own country?
How can someone block a federal road which i know is a federal offence, and no one can do anything to stop it.
The more I thought about it, the angrier I grew.
Can an Igbo person do this in the north?
Can a Yoruba person do this in the north?

Oh no.
Then it dawned on me that the road was blocked by those that own Nigeria.
We do not own Nigeria.
The Hausa Fulanis own Nigeria and that is why the herdsmen kill people and nothing will happen, Boko haram abduct Christian girls and nothing will happen, Almajiris riot and kill corpers and nothing will happen, those in the mosque kill Christian preachers in Abuja and nothing will happen, they will kill christians in Southern Kaduna and nothing will hapoen, and the north can do anything and go away with it.
It is a pity .
We southerners are nothing in Nigeria.
We Christians are nothing in Nigeria.
We Igbos are nothing in Nigeria.
We are nothing.
In Aso Rock, in the circle of those who rule Nigeria, is there any Christian there?
Among Buhari's kitchen cabinet, is there any Christian there?
In almost all the military and paramilitary agencies in Nigeria, which one is headed by a Christian?
The more i thought about this, the more I come to understand that Nigeria is owned by the muslim Hausa Fulanis and that we are nobody in Nigeria.

After this Lokpanta experience, I am more convinced than ever that the restoration of Biafra is the only hope for the Igbo nation.
We have no business in Nigeria.
Absolutely no business.
And I am going to use any talent and skill I have to ensure that my children do not experience this open slavery the Igbos are being forced by the Hausa Fulanis and by the Nigerian state, to experience.

CHIEF (Barr.) Gabriel Emperor Ogbonna
Onunaekwuruoha of Item."



Ogoun Tari wrote:





My boyfriend’s mouth has been smelling badly for two years – Nigerian LadyLaments
A young lady has recounted the challenge she’s facing in her relationship of 2 years as her lover’s bad breath is posing a threat to their union.
She has made several efforts to ease the stench emanating from the mouth of her boyfriend but all corrective moves have turned out to be futile.
She is scared of bruising her man’s ego by confessing to him that she has been unable to kiss him overtime due to the foul odour from his mouth.
The unnamed lady has written a letter to a relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin to seek a solution to the problem.
Read her story below:


Shameless Charly Boy to Igbos: Biafra is a Waste of Time, Find Something Better To Do

Shameless Charly Boy to Igbos: Biafra is a Waste of Time, Find Something Better To Do

Nigerian self-acclaimed social rights activist Charly Boy in an interview published by the Sun has advised Igbos to devote their time to other productive ventures instead f agitating for Biafra. 

Here are his words:

"Unfortunately, the dreams of nationhood is lost on the altar of deception, and my Igbo brothers must be circumspect on the fact and history, and not be hoodwinked into some insane propaganda that will only lead to more wahala. 

"So, instead of Biafra, we should channel our energies and abilities towards developing the South-east to become the economic hub of Nigeria. Igbo nation and my people are great but for us to move forward we must kill our individualistic tendencies and come together to do great things.

"The fall of Biafra after the genocide, starvation, and immense suffering of my people should teach us something. I believe the failure of the Igbo nation is the fault of the people, her so-called elites and decision-makers. Why have we not poured our energy, capacity and ability into making the South-east the Dubai of the nation as well as the engine room of the Nigerian economy? Who would be our leaders when the South-east is infested with political power-grabbers, 419ers, mindless criminals and looters of our commonwealth and resources? Need I mention names?

"Our problem is the lack of men of integrity and a progressive mindset. We lack the right kind of leadership that will fight for the interest of the people. Let it be clear to all that the sufferings and poverty of the people of the South-east are also the sufferings and poverty of the peoples of the other geopolitical zones in Nigeria, including my northern brothers. Even the nascent anti-corruption fight in the country has seen all tribe accordingly represented. It is therefore retrospectively insane to begin to think that a people with a problem would suddenly be relieved when they are attached with a tag #BIAFRA; Abegi.

Therefore, I insist that our mumu don do because the failure of leadership is evident in our agitation for fairness, justice and equality for every Nigerian not just for every Igbo man. And so the mind of the typical Igbo leader needs a revolution so that it can be realigned for the interest of the people rather than the interest of a few.


FUNNY: In AbujaMechanic bags 5 months for stealing woman’s handbag, valuables

In AbujaMechanic bags 5 months for stealing woman’s handbag, valuables

The prosecutor told the court that police detectives during investigations found the missing bag in the accused’s possession, who confessed to the crime.
A Grade 1 Area Court in Karu, Abuja, on Friday sentenced one an auto mechanic, Usman Sani, to five months imprisonment for stealing a woman’s handbag, phones and other valuables worth N198, 000.
He was arraigned on a two-count charge of theft and criminal breach of trust.
The judge, Mr Hassan Ishaq, who handed down the verdict, said the court had no option than to sentence the accused since he had admitted committing the crime.
For his pleaded for leniency, Ishaq, however, gave him an option of N15, 000 fine and ordered the convict to pay N46, 000 as compensation to the nominal complainant.
Prosecutor Vincent Osuji had told the court that the complainant, Mrs Folasade Aiyegbusi of Kasrhi, Abuja, had on July 19 reported the incident  at Karu Police Station.
Osuji said the complainant’s car developed a mechanical fault in Karu while driving from her house and called the accused, a mechanic, to work on the car.
“The accused insisted on towing the vehicle to his workshop located at Nyanyan in Nasarawa,  a satellite town to the FCT.
“The complainant discovered that her handbag worth N14, 000 was missing from the vehicle — it contains a Samsung galaxy phone worth N150, 000,  two Nokia phones worth N18, 000, two ATM cards, one dollar debit prepaid card, a pair of eyeglasses worth N12, 000, and N18, 000 cash.”
Osuji told the court that police detectives during investigations found the missing bag in the accused’s possession, who confessed to the crime.
He said only the Samsung phone and one of the Nokia phones were recovered from him.
The offences contravened Sections 287 and 312 of the Penal Code. 


Breaking: Abuja residents stand highest risk of contacting HIV/AIDS in Nigeria — Official

Abuja residents stand highest risk of contacting HIV/AIDS in Nigeria — Official

Findings have shown that residents of Abuja have the highest risk of contacting HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, a health expert has revealed.
Walter Ugwocha, the Executive Secretary, Civil Society for HIV and AIDS in Nigeria, CISHAN made this known in an interview with PREMIUM TIMES.
He said the Federal Capital Territory has 7.5 percent HIV/AIDS prevalence, with Mpape, a satellite town in the territory, having more than 25 percent prevalence.
“That means all of us in FCT are at a very high risk,”  Mr. Ugwocha said
“From our research, we found out that those that are not bosses in their place of work come from either Maraba, Mpape or other areas. And these bosses tend to keep sexual relationships with their secretaries who reside in Kubwa and Maraba, amongst others.”The secretaries, in turn, go back home to have sex with their boyfriends who are positive and return to have sex with the boss. The boss also goes home to infect his wife and his wife, in turn, infects her young lover and it keeps spreading,” Mr. Ugwocha said.
On the treatment of the disease, he said more people are now on treatment than the newly infected ones.
CISHAN is the umbrella network for all non-profits working on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
A tour of Abuja nightlife zones by PREMIUM TIMES shows just how lucrative commercial sex can be in the nation’s capital, and how crooked pimps make a fortune trafficking mostly poor girls from far-flung states to sell sex in the city.


Quit Notice: MASSOB targets August for Igbo mass return

Quit Notice: MASSOB targets August for Igbo mass return

 Ahead of the October 1 Arewa youth quit notice deadline, the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State Biafra (MASSOB) has declared August a month of mass return for Igbo living in the northern parts of the country.

The group said the choice of August was informed by its significance in Igbo calendar as the period for new yam festival and women's August meeting.

In a statement issued yesterday by MASSOB's National Information Officer, Samuel Edesonu, and made available to our correspondent in Awka, the group said the decision was taken at its national executive meeting presided over by MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu.

The group charged the Igbo, especially women, to persuade their loved ones, including their husbands and children to take advantage of the period to come back home, assuring that Biafra Intelligence Agency had been deployed to the northern Nigeria for monitoring of the situation.

It called on the Eze Ndigbo in the 19 Northern States to commence the compilation of names, residential addresses and villages/towns of all Igbo living in their respective northern cities, adding that such data collation of the people should end on 10th of September 2017.

The statement read in part," The Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign state of Biafra (MASSOB) after our National Executive meeting that was presided by our leader, Comrade Uchenna Madu resolved as follows:

"That in continuation of our earlier stand and position on the quit notice order to the people of Biafra by Arewa people which will elapse on Oct 1st, MASSOB insists and beckons on Biafrans living in Arewa land to intensify efforts in relocating their families back home.

That MASSOB have resolved that the month of August being a significant month of special festivals of Iri ji (New yam) and Women August meeting in Igbo land, MASSOB have declared this the month of August 2017, a special month of mass return for all Igbos living in Northern Nigeria.
"That MASSOB also mandated all married Igbo women living in Northern Nigeria to start intimating their husbands about the dangers of staying in Arewa land which no longer guaranteed their safeties. They should also intensify their pressure on their husbands concerning the Mass return in this next month.
"That after the September 10th deadline for this compilation, MASSOB will embark on investigation of all the Eze Ndigbo in northern cities to ascertain their levels of participation in this ancestral order.
"That MASSOB urge the Eze Ndigbo in northern cities to carry out this compilation of our kinsmen data as a native and ancestry exercise. We appeal to them not to betray this acts of nobility because of their individual's interest or favor from Hausa Fulani.
"That MASSOB under the leadership of Comrade Uchenna Madu will continue undeterred in nonviolence pursuant of Biafra actualization and restoration".
*Photo Caption - Map of Igboland
otice: MASSOB targets August for Igbo mass return


Nigerian Senate Passes Whistle Blowers Protection Bill 2017

Nigerian Senate Passes Whistle Blowers Protection Bill 2017

Today, the 8th Senate passed the Whistleblower Protection Bill. The Bill, which seeks to encourage and facilitate the disclosures of improper conduct by public officers and public bodies was presented by the Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters, chaired by Senator David Umaru, the member representing Niger East in the 8th National Assembly.
Otherwise known as “An Act to Protect Persons Making Disclosures for the Public Interest and Others from Reprisals, to Provide for the Matters Disclosed to be Properly Investigated and Dealt with and for other Purposes Related Therewith”, the Bill also seeks to ensure that persons who make disclosures and persons who may suffer reprisals in relation to such disclosures are protected under the law.
The Bill also specifies who is qualified to make disclosure of improper conduct; the procedure for making disclosures; and the protection due to ‘whistleblowers.’ Under the newly passed Bill, a person who makes a disclosure shall not? be subject to victimization by his or her employers or by fellow employees.
Additionally, a person who makes a disclosure has the right to take legal action if he or she is victimized, dismissed, suspended, declared redundant, transferred against his or her will, harassed or intimidated in any manner.
Speaking on the passage of the Bill, the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki stated that: “This is a promise kept. Today, we have passed a landmark piece of legislation to fight corruption and protect patriotic Nigerians who are fighting corruption,” he said, “This Bill will protect the lives of those who risk themselves to expose corrupt practices in Nigeria.” With the passage of this Bill, the Senate has concluded work on three anti-corruption Bills. In May 2017, it passed the Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Bill, while in June 2017, it passed the Witness Protection Bill.


REVEALED: Here's how much each state got from N243 billion payment

Five states, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Kano and Rivers, got the most with N10 billion each.

The Federal Government has released a total of N243.8 billion to all 36 states and Abuja as the second tranche of the Paris Club refunds.

The payments were made after President Muhammadu Buhari approved the release in May, according to a statement by Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun.
While discussing the payments on Tuesday, July 18, Adeosun said, the payments were "in partial settlement of long-standing claims by states governments relating to over-deductions from Federation Accounts for external debt service arising between 1995 and 2002.
"The funds were released to state governments as part of the wider efforts to stimulate the economy and were specifically designed to support states in meeting salaries and other obligations, thereby alleviating the challenges faced by workers."
According to the statement by Adeosun, "The releases were conditional upon a minimum of 75 per cent being applied to the payment of workers' salaries and pensions for states that owe salaries and pension."
In a breakdown of how much individual states got, five states, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Kano and Rivers, got the most, with N10 billion each.
Gombe, Ekiti, Ebonyi, and Nasarawa got the least with N4 billion each.
The full payments made to the states are as follows: Abia - N5.715 billion; Adamawa - N6.114 b; Akwa-Ibom - N10 billion; Anambra - N6.121 billion; Bauchi - N6.877 billion; Bayelsa N10 billion; Benue - N6.854 billion; Borno - N7.340 billion; Cross River - N6.075 billion; Delta - N10 billion; Ebonyi - N4. 508 billion; Edo - N6.091 billion; Ekiti - N4,772,836 billion, Enugu - N5.361 billion; Gombe - N4. 472 billion; Imo - N7 billion; Jigawa N7.107 billion; Kaduna - N7.721 billion; Kano - N10 billion; Katsina - N8.202 billion, Rivers - N10 billion.
Breakdown of N243,795,465,195.20 Paris Club refund released to the 36 States including FCT Abuja by the Federal Government 1/2play
Breakdown of N243,795,465,195.20 Paris Club refund released to the 36 States including FCT Abuja by the Federal Government 1/2

Others are: Kebbi - N5,977,499,491.45; Kogi - N6,027,727,595.80; Kwara - N5,120,644,326.57; Lagos - N8,371,938,133.11; Nasarawa - N4,551,049,171.1; Niger - N7,210,793,154.95; Ogun - N5,739,374,694.4; Ondo - N7,003,648,314.28; Osun - N6,314,106,340.62; Oyo - N7,901,609,864.25; Plateau - N5,644,079,055.41; Sokoto - N6,441,128,546.76; Taraba - N5,612,014,491.52; Yobe - N5,413,103,116.59 Zamfara - N5,442,385,594.49; and FCT N684,867,500.04.
Breakdown of N243,795,465,195.20 Paris Club refund released to the 36 States including FCT Abuja by the Federal Government 2/2play
Breakdown of N243,795,465,195.20 Paris Club refund released to the 36 States including FCT Abuja by the Federal Government 2/2

Controversy has trailed the disbursement of the first tranche of N522.74 billion earlier paid to the governors as many of them allegedly diverted the funds for other means.
It was reported in February that seven governors were being probed by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for illegally diverting the refund.
Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), Governor Abdulaziz Yari of Zamfara stateis under investigation by the EFCC, under suspicion of looting N500 million and $500,000 from the Paris Club refunds.
An Abuja Federal High Court has ordered an interim forfeiture of the monies the EFCC said it recovered from First Generation Mortgage Bank Limited, and Gosh Projects Limited.
The two firms were allegedly linked to Yari, with the anti-graft agency saying he masterminded the fraudulent diversion of the funds from the NGF's bank account.


How I discovered my husband’s secret wife, child on Facebook – Spouse

How I discovered my husband’s secret wife, child on Facebook – Spouse

The marriage between Mr Sunday Okafor and his wife, Adetola, was dissolved by an Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday.
Adetola, 40, had approached the court to end her 13-year-old union over the husband’s unfaithfulness.
She said: “My husband has been travelling to his village in the name of visiting his elder brother, not knowing that he had married an Igbo woman because I am Yoruba.
“I got to know about his secret marriage when he forgot his wallet at home, I opened it and found several bank deposit slips he used to send money to her.
“I searched for her name on the Facebook and I found several pictures of the woman, my husband with their baby displayed on her Facebook page.
“When I showed my husband the pictures, he did not deny it. My husband has rented an apartment for his new wife very close to our house,” she told the court.
The mother of three also described her husband as an ingrate, saying she married him 13 years ago when he had no job and he is still jobless.
“I have been paying our rent and the children’s school fees since the inception of our marriage.
“I bought phones and clothes for him; I also gave him money to take care of himself but he has rewarded my good deeds by marrying another woman,” Adetola also said.

The estranged husband, Sunday, claimed that his wife pushed him into adultery.
He said: “My wife’s behaviour pushed me into finding solace in another woman.
“She does not give me happiness, she is so arrogant and does not respect me because she is the one paying our rent and the children’s school fees.
“I was a musical director, she ruined my business because she used to accuse me of dating the women who come to my studio, so they stopped coming and the business crumbled.
“I can’t pick a call in her presence, she will say I am talking to a woman.”
President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, said it was obvious that the estranged couple were tired of the marriage and all efforts to reconcile them had failed.
“Since both parties consented to the dissolution of their marriage, this court has no choice than to dissolve it.
“The court pronounce the marriage between Mrs Adetola Okafor and Mr Sunday Okafor dissolved today, both parties henceforth cease to be husband and wife.
“Both are free to go their separate ways without any hindrance or molestation,” Omilola ruled.



Lagos extends restriction of movement by 2 hours over council polls

Lagos extends restriction of movement by 2 hours over council polls

The Lagos State Government on Wednesday announced a slight extension of the restriction of movement during the council election period in the state on Saturday, saying it would now be between 7 am and 3pm.
The State’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr Steve Ayorinde, said in a statement that the extension was to allow for a smooth conduct of the elections and unhindered participation.
He had earlier, on Sunday, said that the restriction of vehicular movement would be between 8a.m and 2pm.
Ayorinde said the restriction of movement would allow the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) and the security agencies to distribute electoral materials in good time and ensure a seamless electoral process.
He reiterated the government’s call for a peaceful and orderly conduct by the electorate during the elections that will usher in new Chairmen and Councillors in the 20 Local Government and 37 Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) across the state.
According to the Commissioner, the State Government and security agencies will leave no stone unturned in ensuring a free and fair election, while ensuring safety of electoral officials and voters.
He also urged residents to be peaceful and orderly in casting and protecting their votes for chairmen and councilors who were expected to drive development at the third tier of government.
“The police and other security agencies have been maintaining law and order since the commencement of campaign by political parties.
“They are poised to ensure that the voting on Saturday is conducted smoothly without public disturbance,” Ayorinde said.
He said that all political parties, candidates and their supporters as well as the general public were assured of safety throughout the period of voting and collation.
The Commissioner thanked Lagosians for always being peace-loving.
He urged them to perform their civic obligation by trooping out with their Permanent Voter Cards (PVC) to show their commitment to participatory democracy and the importance of development at the local government level.
(Source: NAN)


Group berates Lagos Assembly, APC over LASEIC Bill, imposition of candidates

Group berates Lagos Assembly, APC over LASEIC Bill, imposition of candidates

A pressure group, the United Action for Change (UAC), has slammed the Lagos State House of Assembly, over the amended Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) Bill which was passed by the House, recently.
Speaking during a press briefing, on Wednesday, one of the leaders of the group, Kunle Adegoke, stated that the LASIEC Law was amended in a ‘hurry’ to make provision for the APC to make changes to the list of its Local Government candidates just three days to the election.
The group also lambasted the APC over alleged imposition of candidates for the forth-coming council elections, describing the party as ‘undemocratic’.
In the words of Adegoke, “We condemn the puerile efforts of the legislators in the Lagos State House of Assembly to amend the Lagos State Independent Electoral Commission (LASIEC) law to allow APC to feature candidates in the Local Government elections coming up on Saturday, July 22, which is barely three days away. We are saying that this is legislative indecency of the highest order for no decent legislature would pass a law in such a hurry in the middle of the game to favour the ruling party which the majority of the legislators are members.
“The said Bill passed through the first, second and third readings, within 10 minutes, and same was presented to the governor for his assent immediately.
“The legislative process to amend the LASIEC law came after the decision of the High Court of Lagos State nullifying the imposition of a candidate from Odi-Olowo Local council Development Area. The legislative disregard for common sense and the hurried primary election held in Odi-Olowo came by, despite the fact that the time for nomination of candidates had elapsed and no new primary elections can be held by a party in default.
“The implication is that the amendment to the LASIEC law carried out by the Assembly was done to favour APC who had by greed of some leaders.
“The amendment process did not take into consideration the interest of other political parties and neither did it consider the options or perception of the public, hence, there was no need for public hearing before the amendment was made. The amendment was carried out in a black market manner and it offends all legislative traditions and conventions. It is an impunity transported from the bedroom of dictators to the hallowed chambers of the legislature.
“The amendment now allowing a political party to substitute it’s candidate three days to the election was basically to enable APC whose imposed candidate has been nullified by the court to present the same candidate, thereby necessitating changing the goal post in the middle of the game.
“The amendment is a failed effort as there is no candidate to substitute by APC, the process that threw up the imposed candidates having been nullified by the court.
“On the call by Dr. Muiz Banire for transparency in APC, this is a genuinely reasonable call by the National Legal Adviser of the party who is the custodian of the constitution of the party and the adviser in legal matters. By Article 20 of the APC constitution, it is mandatory to hold primary elections by APC at which candidates for any office would be elected.”

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